Now i have a two-area sounds video clips to your audio “Beautiful” and you may “I love The finest

Now i have a two-area sounds video clips to your audio “Beautiful” and you may “I love The finest

Well, well, better. Very some time ago I found myself watching BEAST’s music video clips to own “Gorgeous,” as i watched Hyunseung and you can thought, “Who is you to definitely beautiful guy? I want to learn more!” And following that We become viewing almost all their music movies and you can MTV suggests, and that i easily turned into a partner. And only over the years, seem to, while they recently obtained Most useful Artist to possess 2011 at Melon Musical Honors. Nice!

  • I adore the brand new track “Gorgeous.” It is rather charming, memorable, and you can listenable, and you may helps make me ready to tune in to it. However, many away from Monster songs often…I am not sure I will identify it. They’re not the fresh new catchiest, nonetheless they build you. Personally, it sound rather simple and you may simple, even if happy, while i very first pay attention to them, but there’s constantly something throughout the Yoseob’s (and sometimes Hyunseung’s) pieces throughout the chorus that give the complete song a kind off sadness or wistfulness. This really is visible in songs including “Beautiful” or “Fiction,” in which I became disliking the songs until they strike the second halves of its choruses.
  • “I favor The finest,” yet not, will not appear to have you to strange high quality, thus i didn’t like it as frequently. Indeed, “I really like You the best” did actually almost invert you to definitely pattern by having sad verses and you can a pleasurable chorus (because these I don’t know one to Yoseob sings far on the chorus). I might favor it once they remaining it the other way around.
  • For “Beautiful”-I enjoy the termination of the chorus. So fairly.
  • For “I enjoy You the best”-particularly constantly, Yoseob’s region are brand new highlight-which range from “You gotta know that you will be the latest prettiest in my situation” and browsing one large mention. Chill.

Gotta offer that it so you can Junhyung

Did you such as the clips? Those two are samples of new very-a lot of time drama music films one to disrupt their songs while making for extended stories once they you will definitely almost without a doubt safeguards a similar issue on basic step 3-cuatro moments. But while the all the professionals checked and had the opportunity to act and you may program their moving experiences, I really don’t think I will complain way too much.

  • Doojoon is really very hot here together with his DJ earphones. And those ~important looks~ he offers which have azing.
  • Hyunseung is actually gorgeous and you will appears exotic and you can otherworldly here, particularly a forest elf or something. And he try enjoyable because a type of dancing master, however, I would has popular it when the he previously a role as an element of a group in lieu of just like the a solamente performer. It looks like Hyunseung can be are excluded otherwise shunted from to complete solamente some thing, and that i would like to find more of his active within the a group (regardless if I am of course waiting around for his cooperation that have 4minute’s Hyuna in some trouble Maker).
  • Junhyung features one of the most convincing pissed-off appears previously; it is absolutely among the best I have ever viewed. I first seen they from inside the Huh Gak’s “Good morning,” but it is really obvious right here, also. And additionally, in which must i get that black colored jacket having famous people with it?
  • Yoseob enjoys a real ability getting funny. Everyone is always going on regarding how pretty they are, that is true, but I believe he has got the next during the MC-ing.
  • Kikwang really tugged at my heartstrings together with center disease. As he fainted immediately following Junhyung punched him-guh. A tremendously joyous second. And you can he is an unquestionably higher dancer, however, I was thinking he was way more persuading and you can funny because the brand new nerdy people from inside the cups which will get bullied.

*becomes deceased laughing* P.S. Top honors actress and you will 7-affiliate girl category on video clips was indeed Cube Enjoyment students at the amount of time and they are today A red, exactly who only released “My personal My personal.” The lead actress is An effective Pink’s Child Naeun.

Try indeed there a storyline? In this case, made it happen make sense? All of Monster is planning high school together, and you may Kikwang ‘s the the kid around which transported into the. Within their sparetime, Doojoon DJs, Hyunseung and you can Kikwang dance solo, and Junhyung, Yeseob, and you may Dongwoon is actually a dance group together inside a fairly debateable below ground contest. (We understand it’s debateable as Kim Kyungjin, whom seems to be within the actually the idol musical videos right now, could there be prancing as much as shirtless.) And also you learn these are typically a good as they can carry out Infinite’s scorpion circulate.

I can actually view all of this date. Except Junhyung injures his case if you find yourself practicing eventually which means cannot be involved in this new competition any longer. Meanwhile, import scholar Kikwang has not yet just stolen Junhyung’s girlfriend, Naeun, the guy together with turns out to be a good kickass performer, when you are Junhyung should check out regarding sidelines.

Basic the fresh new girl, then dancing mojo! Not surprising that he really wants to overcome Kikwang right up! However, everything i imagine nobody understands is that Kikwang have a heart disease which he or she is providing medications.

Eventually Junhyung and his band of Yoseob and you may Dongwoon spot Kikwang and beat your right up, and you can Kikwang’s girlfriend (Junhyung’s ex lover) needs to step up to get rid of the brand new violence. Kikwang significantly collapses due to his cardiovascular system situation and has now to go in for instantaneous businesses. If you find yourself he or she is gone, Junhyung looks compliment of Kikwang’s laptop, which is laden with stuff can simply getting known as lovable (and you will bilingual!). Eg, Kikwang’s fantasy is going to be a road dancer, aww, and he looks around Junhyung since the a dancer.

Kikwang’s picture album away from goals. Finally, shortly after obtained both retrieved from their wounds, Kikwang and you can ent, make peace along, and shake hands, following perk both for the throughout their dances. (Kikwang contains the girl.) The conclusion-oh, I forgot to mention both-and-a-half minutes off bloopers from inside the credits!

Was the brand new dance chill and you may distinctive? Will there be a dance having “I favor The finest”? The fresh new dance for “Beautiful” is much more sweet than just things, and this matches the song. I don’t will pick a number of they, in the event. I am guessing the new people was indeed paying attention regarding the crisis dances compared to moving into track.


And that associate endured out the extremely? Even when Kikwang and you will Naeun performed a great job, Junhyung’s reputation is but one which goes through a sales but will not cure his fundamental cooler-people identification. Although Yoseob/Dongwoon duo aided make the video clips fun.

Unacceptable conditions!

Any stop viewpoint? Long bloopers was loooooong. As well as, just found which clips- i am just feelin’ therefore travel, like Yong Junhyung.